Basketball Courts in Parking Lots

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So this is a theoretical thread because I am not planning on Resubmitting because the Playstructure in the supplemental was accepted. But it made me wonder how to handle this type of nomination because I've run across this situation before where an Churches/Community centers install baseketball nets in part of thier parking lot. Obviously from the point of view of the Instution (in this case Church) the parking lots are safe to play in. But this one got rejected for Pedestrian Access.

So was this just unlucky with reviewers or something people would normally reject.

Faith Christian Center Basketball

Chesterfield MI



Rejection Criteria

Other Rejection Criteria

Pedestrian Access


Basketball nets in an area of the Faith Christian Center parking lot

Supplemental Information

So the nominated net is the tiny upper left corner of the supporting photo (and its in front of a tree in the main photo) I wanted to capture in this supplemental photo that there is a second net in front of the playstructure. This is obviously a purposeful creation on the behalf of the church to give kids a place to play.


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    Midwest US reviewer here. In my local play area these are commonly accepted. Sometimes they take a couple of tries, but they usually pass in time.

    From discussions I've had with other local submitters, these courts are easily approved when there are painted court lines delineating the basketball court from the rest of the parking lot. When parking space lines are painted within the basketball area, however, approval can be a bit trickier. We've found that taking a close-up shot of the basketball pole to avoiding showing the parking lines in the main photo often helps with this, as does making sure to take all photos without cars anywhere in sight. Pinning the nomination at the pole, which a pedestrian can safely reach from the grass, is an absolute must, as a pin anywhere within the parking area can and I think probably should lead to rejection for safe pedestrian access.

    One last consideration... this isn't your issue here, but it is vital to show that the pole is permanent, that is, cemented into the ground. Portable hoops will always be rejected as temporary.

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