Please remove invalid wayspot photos (mismatched location)

Title of the Wayspot: Metal Desert Tree Cutout

Location: 36.174827,-115.226547

City: Las Vegas, Nevada

Country: United States

Photos to support your claim:

Additional information:

It's a little bit complicated to explain. It took me a while to put together what was going on here but I finally figured it out this I'm submitting this appeal. I'll try to put it simply. The terms of this explanation are based on the Wayspot's photos numbered as they show up in my first support photo.

The INITIAL / ORIGINAL photo that was submitted with the INITIAL / ORIGINAL wayspot was Photo #2 (highlighted in the support photos in cyan and marked by the cyan star). The photo shows the pair of tree sculptures on 36.174827,-115.226547. This is the CORRECT photo that matches the location of the waypoint. One of the sculptures is geometric and it is to the left of a natural-shaped tree sculpture. You can see the barrier in the background.

A few years later, wayfarers submitted additional photos: Photo #1 and Photo #3 (portrayed by the red X's). They are photos of entirely different tree sculptures that are not even close in distance to the correct pair of tree sculptures in Photo #2.

Photo #1 shows of a a pair of natural-shaped tree sculptures with a bench located at 36.17534325482624, -115.22457152592982. You can see two distinct brick walls in the background of this photo in addition to the tree sculptures being the incorrect ones. Very mismatched location. This photo is used as the thumbnail for the wayspot in Pokemon Go which made things extremely confusing.

Photo #3 shows a singular natural-shaped tree sculpture with a bench in which you can see the overpass in the background. This tree is at 36.1747044342101, -115.22449711011126. Very mismatched location.

Please remove Photo #1 and Photo #3, the ones highlighted in red, as they are not photos of the original submission. Photo #2 is the only correct photo. Thank you!


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