Dana Bay

Dana Bay is a conservancy area and has many guest houses and sea views. It is a quaint little town and has all in all, one robot when you enter the area. It is the robot that crosses the main road and the entrance to Dana Bay. For the rest of Dana Bay, due to the fact that we have porcupine, tortoises, buck, mongoose, many varieties of salamanders and fauna, the average driving speed in Dana Bay is 40km. This means that the whole of Dana Bay is adapted to Pokemon hunting speed. However, we have very view gyms and stops. Not all guest houses have name tags, they are only available on google and the Mossel Bay groups. The greenbelt, which is part of the conservancy does not have signs all over the place. We all know it is the green belt and we all know about the animals and you have to drive carefully to avoid the wild animals. We allow for that. In the past we have tried to have various eagles, dolphins and other statues which is basically all we have and everytime we do what was accepted in the Gauteng area we came from, then it is declined by the people viewing the nomination. Please do your homework and see that we only have statues and fancy walls and the like to nominate for pokestops. We are not a big town and will never be but more and more people come here on holiday as we have a wonderful town. Please do not decline all the nominations. At this moment, I have not even played pokemon this week yet. I have to drive to the only two stops and it is due to all the declines that I am not in the mood to play, neither my children and their cousins. I moved a family of 12 to Dana Bay. If you are happy that 12 people are no longer interested in playing due to circumstances then so be it. However, it will not be just my family. I am not the only newcomer to Dana Bay. Thank you


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    Hello! I would love to help you figure out what is eligible in your village. It sounds like a lovely place that I would like to visit. The best I can hope to do is investigate it virtually from half a world away to help you get things added in the game.

    I'm going to take a look first on the ingress map since that is the easiest to link to:


    You've got 3 POI along the beach, 1 at a trail near the beach, the water tower, 2 POI at a church (so there should be a gym), and then 1 L14 cell that has 5 POI (where the water tower is). So if we can get 1 more in many of these cells, you'll get more gyms. I'm going to go snooping now.

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    Oh, the other things I want to address:

    1) It doesn't matter how few POI you have, things that are located on single family residential property won't be eligible. You might be able to get by that if you can prove that the location operates as a true Bed & Breakfast (wikipedia says there are no hotels here). But any houses that are rented out by the owner on a site like VRBO won't be eligible. Those arrangements are temporary (unlike a Bed & Breakfast which I think has to be licensed).

    2) My goal is going to be to help you learn what to write to make your acceptance chances better. There's no guarantee this will work, but often the same submission can be approved just by a little bit of effort in the wording.

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    OMG. Google Streetview is from 2010. This is an uphill battle, my friend.

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    You might have a chance getting any of these 4 properties added as B&Bs that serve multiple parties at the same time. Most of the rental homes look like they only rent the entire property to a single party - all self-catering. But these 4 offer separate rentals at the same time - with breakfast included, so possibly some employee, agent, or owner is on site to provide that food?

    And it may only be the top 2 on that list, really. Hard to tell with the 3rd and 4th saying that they only have 1 room each available - that could be always or just due to occupancy.

    So, in the first one, I'd write something like in the supplemental, "This B&B where you will stay onsite with the owners, has a 9.6 rating on Booking.com. See https://www.booking.com/hotel/za/erika27.html to read the comments of those who have stayed here. Since there are no hotels in this village, B&Bs like this provide an essential service to travelers to the area. This B&B has a great vantage point for whale watching."

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    -34.192931259609125, 22.040806949366768

    Agape Tabita Bediening will give you a gym - it will most likely be the Bow and Arrow statue across the street. Churches are easy acceptances. And this one is tagged on Google Maps, so it should be easy.

    I actually think the Bow & Arrow statue is pinned wrong. If you can get it moved through Help Chat to the right spot, it would coincidentally cross cell lines and free up the cell it is currently misplaced in.

    That would allow you to add Blom's Pub & Grill :https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100083223836629. In such a small village, the local Pub should be a decent social spot. But in the nomination, you will have to spell out how small the village is and how this is the only pub in town (I think it is, I haven't finished my research yet).

    Of course, Blom's is eligible even if the cell is occupied. You just need to know that if you get it approved, it won't show up in PGO.

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    -34.193874825996886, 22.045293415398998

    AGS Danabaai? This is another church, across the road from the Community Hall. Satellite shows something next to the church but I can't tell what it is - might be a graveyard. If so, that won't be eligible. But take a look anyway. It might be a garden?

    -34.19332324694248, 22.045377414255945

    Danabay Community Hall. This a no-brainer for social gathering.

    Actually, Google may be wrong. The second coordinates may be a house. The first may be labeled as a church but are actually the City Hall/Community Hall?

    -34.192462970327604, 22.05029616590041

    Lulu's Cafe - Cafes are pretty easy to get approved. They are social spots. This is in the cell where I thought you could get another gym, but it turns out that the Post Office is in another L14. So you'd need to add this one and another to get a 2nd gym in here. But nothing else in an unoccupied cell is jumping out at me.

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    You've got the start of the Saint Blaize Hiking Trail marked. Are there any trail markers along that? Anything that lists the distance you've walked? Any sign that just points "this way" to let you know you're on the trail still? Are there any signs to indicate "stop here to see whales, birds, dolphin?"

    Are there any footbridges? Footbridges along a named trail are eligible. And this trail is well marked on Google Maps.

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    Sigh, it's so disheartening when you put time into helping someone and they ghost you.

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    You did amazing work, this person didn't want help making legitimate waypoints, they wanted to whine that their couchgym submission got rejected.

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    HI all, my apologies but we are busy with an Arts Festival and I have not been on line for a while. I do apologise. I am going through the comments now.

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    Thank you for all the above. The little bow and arrow mark the centre in which Bloms pub is, however, I will try to do Bloms pub. As for Lulu's, it is in the only medical centre but it was declined as a pokestop. We have another pub, travellers, so will try that as well. The only church in Dana Bay has a pokestop and a gym already. The two beaches have a gym and a pokestop. As for the B&B's, I did do the write up from google regarding the bed and breakfast as well as the google location but they were declined or if not, there has been no response on some of them. We are a beautiful sea side village and many of the houses are holiday homes and are only used at various times during the year by the owners who reside somewhere else in South Africa. Bed and Breakfast are mainly self catering and advertising is mostly via word of mouth and signs are not put up everywhere. The St Blaize trail does not have signs along the trail. Only at Mosselbay point were it ends and a beginning sign at 1st beach. Other than that, we have fabulous dolphins on walls and gate posts, birds, etc because we have a school of Dolphins all year round and you can see them from most of the homes, we have birds of prey and beautiful owls and then we have amazing fauna and flora. We have rare plants in the greenbelt, etc. So thank you all for the comments, I will try again and include some of the info as discussed.

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    There are no footbridges in Dana Bay. I appreciate all the info. Apologies again for the delay in getting back. As I said, due to the lack of pokestops, I have to drive to Mossel Bay central so I am not playing as often as I did. My everyday is not every day anymore. Its not like you can go to the garage (we only have one in Dana Bay) and collect along the way. You have to drive to specific spots. I walk in excess of 17000 steps per day (over 5km) but there are no pokestops along the route. There are 4 guest houses in the vacinity but they were declined. Will relook at this. Thank you again

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