Beechcraft C90 King Air

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I submitted several exhibits to an aviation museum. One of them was rejected on the grounds that it was temporary. However, the planes have been there for many years. I then decided to appeal the submission.

With the reaction that Niantic has now rejected it as a duplicate.

The problem: I have no idea what it's supposed to be a duplicate of. Because this plane is not yet a wayspot.

I once sent the photos to a friend and asked him to try it also, but I don't know if he did it.

In any case, I would like to know what happened to my proposal. I had a suspicion at first that it might have been rejected as a duplicate by the museum building, but even there I don't see my photo.

Can anyone provide clarification? If this proposal has been unlawfully duplicated by the appeal, then I would like the appeal's decision to be reconsidered. Thanks.

Location: 53.299527,12.740883



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