Hello! Editing my own business location


i recently got to level 38 and I own a game store that is play Pokémon sponsored. How do I recommend my store to be a gym? I ask because theirs already a pokestop right next to it l.


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    Your store is already in the database as a regular (not sponsored) wayspot. It appears to share a level 17 S2 cell with Zales Fountain though, so it might not appear as a Pokéstop or Gym in Pokémon Go if the fountain is a Pokéstop or Gym already. If your store is in Pokémon Go, then you'd need enough other Pokéstops in that level 14 S2 cell in order to cause one to be upgraded to a Gym, and then hope that it's your store's wayspot that is chosen to be upgraded.

    Play! Pokémon do already have a sponsorship deal with Niantic, so if your location is not part of that deal, you would have to bring it up with Play! Pokémon and see if they could add you to their sponsorship deal. As far as I'm aware though, all locations through that sponsorship are Pokéstops, not Gyms (Gyms cost more).

    Alternatively, if you're the business owner, you could try applying for a sponsorship yourself (which would allow you to pay the more expensive cost for a sponsored gym), though the website does seemingly say that the program is temporarily suspended and not accepting new applications at the moment.


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