Location Edit/Appeal/Invalid Report

Between my partner and I, we've repeatedly reported this location, scanned it to prove it no longer exists in its current location, tried to submit the new location as a separate wayspot, and tried to appeal the rejection of that submission. None have been successful and it's really frustrating (I kind of see why the appeal was rejected now that it finally shows him the reason, but it seems a little petty in the circumstances and with the context details provided).

It has become a Pokemon Go gym since it was first reported as invalid and the existing location doesn't even have safe pedestrian access right now as it's currently the staff room of a temporary clothing store location.

Technically the POI still exists but has been moved more than 10m and has also changed in the process, which is why my partner decided to try it as a new submission.

Hopefully I've got the coordinates right and somebody can do something reasonable with it, even if it's just to relocate it for now. The details are as follows:

Title of the Wayspot: Current Title - Mildura Central Free Library, proposed update - Mildura Central Book Nook @ Annecto

Location: current: -34.2080250, 142.1404790

corrected: -34.2081286, 142.1396937

City: Mildura

Country: Australia

Additional information: Description provided with rejected submission: The Mildura Central Book Nook has moved to Annecto! The space has been revamped in the process and is now a much cozier quiet nook at the front corner of Annecto, complete with plushy rug and comfy couches! Bring a book, take a book, or hang out and read a book!

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