Global Reviewer Challenge - Spain Starts NOW!

Hola Exploradores, 

The Global Reviewer Challenge in Spain is here and we’re incredibly excited to see some awesome Spain nominations. If you come across a nomination you particularly like, feel free to share it here! Also check out this excellent thread about the wayspot specificities in Spain, such as the pelota courts (frontón) or Water faces!

Some quick reminders: 

  • Challenge Timeline: 
    • Start - NOW! 
    • End Time - June 7, 2023 at 11:59pm UTC 
  • Wayfarer Challenge Setting
    • Automatically set to ON and you will see a higher percentage of nominations compared to previous challenges only using Bonus Location. 
    • If you wish to take a break from the Challenge, you can turn off the setting in your Settings page. 
  • Rewards
    • For the first time ever, we will have both Community and Individual rewards! 
    • Check out the different reward tiers here.
    • Reward distribution will begin June 8, 2023 - June 21, 2023
    • Game rewards will come via an email and Wayfarer rewards will be automatically sent to your account. 

And lastly, an exciting announcement that our Challenge Banner is back (in English only 😥)! You will be able to see the Challenge Banner on your Showcase page when you first go to the Wayfarer website and it will update on an hourly basis. We heard your feedback about being able to track your individual review progress however that unfortunately did not make it into this challenge. 

That’s it from us! We look forward to seeing some awesome nominations, hearing your feedback about the new Wayfarer Challenge setting, and reviewing alongside you to reach that top tier goal! 

Safe Exploring!

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