Wayspots no longer exist : Abandoned and dangerous trail

Title of the Wayspots (one by line):

  • Marais À Carex
  • The Cattail Marsh
  • La Réserve Du Tremplin Vers L,avenir

Location (one by line, same order):

City: Pointe-Fraser

Country: Canada (QC)

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

Photos to support your claim:

On this photo, you can see what kind of trail must be used to reach those wayspots. It's an abandoned trail. Wooden bridge with holes. Anywhere you walk on could and will break.

Oh, I've missed another important thing, this is a swamp, even if it doesn't looks it is. Meaning you can't walk outside of this path. That's even in the first wayspot name, in french : Marais.

Second photo : this is what remains of the Marais À Carex wayspot. No more sign.

Just in case, that's what Google Photo EXIF datas are showing about the location : right inside the swamp.

Video of the surrounding : https://photos.app.goo.gl/ThqdUZewoYiTMrJi9

In-game footage + IRL video : https://photos.app.goo.gl/MDmrosgzjHhA4Vrx9

And last thing, the wayspot now have 2 photos : the original and oldest one by Ingress Agent "Mandla" and the newest one, by me, Agent "fisher01" in Ingress. If you take a closer look on it, you'll see that the red path (on which those wayspots are) has disappeared from the Park's map. The trail is closed and not maintained anymore (so, abandoned)

As visible on Intel Map with satellite view, wayspot is located on the old red path.

Additional information:

I've not been able to go to the second and third wayspots mentionned. It was already really dangerous to reach the first one because of the wood breaking under me when I was walking on it. There is a risk of falling through it and get hurt because of the long rusty nails.

I'm pretty sure Niantic would not want to let anyone else go there and get injured "just" for a game.

Also, you'll probably see that the Wayspot is already captured and has resonators in Ingress, those players also took risks to go there. It's not a reason to leave this wayspot in the games. Thank you to make Ingress and others Niantic games safer for everyone.


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