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German wayfarer site displays message about Russia Wayfarer Challenge

JasperXCX-PGOJasperXCX-PGO Posts: 37 ✭✭

*Issue title:* German wayfarer site displays message about Russia Wayfarer Challenge

*Description of the issue:* The Spain Wayfarer Challenge began today, displaying a message at the top of the wayfarer page, however, I, with the wayfarer page set to german, am getting the russian version of the message as it was during the Russia Wayfarer Challenge.

It even says "43 days to go", which would match with the date of when the Russia Wayfarer Challenge happened in 2021. However, the resolved wayspot number seems to match the spanish challenge.

It seems something was stuck or copy pasted from the old challenge here, causing this to appear. Nothing I use has russian language, my browser and all settings are german, so this shouldn't be here.

Going to the wayfarer settings, changing it to english, then back to german puts the proper translation there. But on default, when first visiting the german page on a new browser tab, it displays the old russian message still.

*Device, OS:* Windows, Firefox v112.0.2


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