Invalid Wayspot Appeal - POI Removed

Title of the Wayspot: 궁동 놀이터

Location: 36.361430,127.351772

City: Daejeon

Country: Korea

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

Photos to support your claim:

Overall Location in Kakao Maps [March 2021 vs February 2023 ]: w/POI in red circle

Photos taken by me, showing that the whole park was demolished, there is no playground anymore, and a new building will take its place. [May 2023]

  1. CU Convenience store in view to show the construction perimeter.

This previous photo shows the construction inside, that the playground was actually removed, and it no longer exists.

Expected building meant to replace the park as well as the playground.

Additional information:

The park and the playground that was the POI were removed, and a new construction project started at the end of last year. The pictures show the construction zone, and one of them shows that the playground was completely removed and it will not be reinstalled. Now that there is no park or playground, people do not gather there anymore, as it is now actually dangerous to do so, due to the construction being done.


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