Fire Hydrants and dirt sidewalks

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Fire hydrants with art on it is able to be nominated, & we know they are 1 foot from the street.

please keep in mind that in mind for all fire hydrants, even when there is no cement sidewalk. The fire hydrant should only have to be 1 foot from the street to be nominated. The same rule should apply.

also, please do not mark nominated fire hydrants as blocking emergency vehicles as you know, the trainers will be on the sidewalk. Not the road.

thank you for your help. Good luck trainers


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    i didnt knwo that but, it seems that fire hydrants that have artwork are always nominated.

    I didn’t ask for your criticism. i’d rather you not post if you don’t have anything positive to say. I came on here to receive help. Not a toxic response.

    as far as having a legitimate conversation, id add. The fire hydrants can’t possibly be blocked by 360° in a 200 feet or more distance (whatever the distance currently is that you can be from a stop or gym and still interact)

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    You’re being toxic right now. You’re still being toxic. I came on here for help. I already explained I didn’t that they deemed fire hydrants, not able to be nominated ever. You’re twisting my words. I was trying to explain that 200 feet away from the fire hydrant nowhere near the road would still be blocking emergency vehicles (I was just bringing up this possible topic as if you were to be discussing this in a civil manner. This might be one of the subjects) All I knew kid is that I see fire hydrants everywhere nominated in San Diego. So I came on here for help.

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    I’ve never heard them say that fire hydrants block emergency services? In fact, a prominent ambassador to these forums is an advocate for fire hydrant art.

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    Never mind, I see a fairly long discussion about this a few threads down.

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