Invalid Wayspot Appeal - Point Changed

Title of the Wayspot: 풍성한 교회

Location: 36.362691,127.352657

City: Daejeon

Country: Korea

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

Photos to support your claim:

there are differences between when the church existed (until 2016) in red than today in purple

this photo to notice different between two years (2015 04) and (2023 02) please note that nowadays it is private property.

the difference were made in kakao maps

I also took picture to show the present state of the place it is the same as in kakao maps now even the phrase "love jesus, his smile love [예수사랑 이웃사랑]" is not exist, to show it is not church anymore.

Additional information:

this place was church in 2016 and it stopped for some time, but now everything was removed and now is not church so new players become confusing.


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