Help with nomination being added to gameboard

I submitted 2 pokestops and they got accepted but are not in game(Pokémon go) after a month. I now understand that they might be used for some other stuff that personally I don’t care to know what for. I’m here for Pokémon go and growing the pogo community around me.

What I know from living and playing in this area since 2016 is that the stops would be perfect pokestops in a perfect game location. They are located in a Pokémon go community park and we haven’t gotten any new stops in years… Let we haven’t gotten additional gyms either. So if we’re talking gameboards the logical spot for nominations to be accepted and then used in Pokémon go would be there right? A location that has more gyms and pokestops than surrounding areas. I’m all for getting people out to play so let’s work on these community parks.

I see Youngstown, a city north of the park with a ton of stops and gyms & I would love to play there. The problem is no one plays in the city as it has a very high crime rate and is known to be unsafe. Just a few years ago it was in the top 10 cities of homicides per sq/mile. So trainers from all around, North, West, East, and South, come to this community park to play. It is the only place within a 30 mile radius that I know of that brings in trainers to raid together.

Please help me fix this or bring attention to boardman park, thank you!!!


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