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Hello just discovered S2 grids and realized my park is suboptimal when it comes to the grid system. This is in regards to Pokémon go as we are missing a lot of standout locations that would make great pokestops and some locations are marked differently on certain niantic games so it is confusing me a bit (ingress specifically is off on alot of them) I’m looking for some help on the way to get pokestop locations adjusted slightly or exact location confirmed. (like moving a softball field marked at the 3rd base to the 1st base or the dugout, nothing abusive or fake) Knowing which S2 grid is being used in the judgement of the nominations as well would be useful information.

Would appreciate any knowledge you all have acquired throughout your time here in general. Thank you I want to be a pro at this


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    Well, just so you know, Niantic doesn’t officially recognize the reality of the cells. I’m not saying I agree with this, but they have also made statements that say manipulating the locations to benefit one game over another is not allowed. With that being said, baseball fields are large areas and several spots on a baseball field might be equally correct. You can request edits within the game (level 38 I think?). You can request location edits within the forums. But I would only use the forums if you are requesting a “correct” edit. It’s difficult to correct the errors once they’ve been made. Many people don’t check the cells before they submit.

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    And by the way, requests for edits take months to resolve. You may have to accept that’s what’s done is done. You might be better off finding new things to submit in empty cells. But it’s up to you and how much patience you have.

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    What exactly are you attempting to do?

    Optimize the park for Go or add things to the database?

    Your park is fine. There are a few empty cells in the middle but as it stands you have way more than a lot of people have.

    Instead of cramming everything into one area which realistically won't change Go much in terms of gameplay why don't you find somewhere else locally that is less dense with poi and help other people whose gameplay is limited by the sparsity of their Wayspots.

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    Just briefly looking around the area, there’s possibilities with The Train Station Fitness, Applewood Swim and Tennis Club, and some other Fitness centers, breweries. I believe some churches have playgrounds that haven’t been nominated.

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    Meadows of Boardman Apartments

  • 29andCounting-PGO29andCounting-PGO Posts: 1,812 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Boardman Tennis and Swim Club

  • 29andCounting-PGO29andCounting-PGO Posts: 1,812 ✭✭✭✭✭

    South bridge Apartments

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    Just don't. Trying to "optimize" for one game can make things suboptimal for another. And Niantic has already stated that moving Waysptos for the sake of manipulating a gameboard is abuse. If a Wayspot is already in an accurate location, then you shouldn't move it. Only move a Wayspot if its location is not accurate or is not at the natural point of discovery (such as moving from the back of a building to the front).

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    Please don't.

    Niantic has very clearly said that we should not move pins that are already in a correct location in order to manipulate the playfield for one specific game-- they consider that abuse.

    Citation #1: "location changes should only be submitted to make the marker more accurate or if the marker were to be closer to a logical point of discovery representing a larger location (e.g. a welcome sign for a large park)."

    Citation #2: " Submitters can verify the location selected before they submit the nomination but purposely moving the pin to manipulate a specific app’s gameboard is not allowed."

    More importantly, moving pins to create an advantage for your game could significantly disadvantage some other game. I don't even know how many active games Niantic has right now but I have five on my phone and have played three of those today. In regards to that park see a couple of locations that would be excellent farm/frack locations in Ingress, and moving pins would destroy those. You would be unhappy if someone rearranged wayspots and destroyed your favorite place to play PoGo so please don't mess things up for other games.

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    I will if the location isn’t in the correct spot or not optimal. As some are not, don’t worry like I said in my original post I am not doing anything abusive.

    What I was asking for was any tips and tricks people use to see what spots are available and which S2 grid spot a pokestop may be in.

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    @ProGoJake-PGO Good to hear. Your comment about moving a pin from third base to first base made me think you might want to move things just to make them appear in PoGo-- either of those would be correct and would not warrant a move. I'm glad to hear that's not the case.

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    To the best of my knowledge people use iitc app with an ingress overlay. It’s not perfect because some ingress portals don’t show up. I learned how to use it from a local discord group. I also think there are instructions in the global wayfarer discord group.

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    @29andCounting-PGO The whole point of the Ingress intel map is to explore the Ingress playfield to find portals, see fields and links, and plan strategies using the information. Unlike other Niantic games, the exact location of portals has a significant impact on tactical and strategic gameplay.

    IITC is a Greasemonkey plugin that overlays the basic intel map with a ton of additional features, and there are literally hundreds of plugins available to help players explore and plan. IITC as an app is a mobile implementation of the IITC Greasemonkey script and it uses the same plugins. There is no "Ingress overlay" for IITC because IITC is designed specifically as a tool for Ingress.

    100% of portals in Ingress show up on the intel map and in IITC by default, assuming you are zoomed in far enough to see individual portals. If you zoom far enough out it only shows portals that are holding links, and zooming out even farther means you only see links of a certain length. In IITC you can turn off layers, which will hide portals of a certain level or owned by a particular faction, but you have to make an effort to do that.

    IITC is so flexible that it assisted me in making this map of San Francisco bay area wayspots several years ago.

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    What I meant to say is that not all wayspots show up. There are instances where a wayspot does not become a portal and therefore does not show on the map.

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    @29andCounting-PGO Gotcha. Yes, that is correct although it's nearly all of them... I would guess north of 99.9%.

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    As time passes the difference between lightship wayspots and ingress portals increases. And so does the difference between Ingress and Pokémon Go. It is still extremely high but it has a health warning attached to it.

    I have been having a bit of fun going back to some places where I didn’t submit something years ago because of the old rules and getting it added even though it won’t get through on Ingress.

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    @Hosette-ING The native Intel map has filters - they are not unique to IITC.

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    @MargariteDVille-ING Oh right, I forgot they implemented that. IITC filtering is more feature-rich but IITC now does enough to get most of the way to where I want to be.

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