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Not all church playgrounds should be accepted

I've seen a lot of recent submissions of playgrounds or playscapes that exist on grounds of a church. Sometimes these do make good candidates, but far too often these playgrounds are fenced off, and not really accessible to just anyone. In many of those cases, these churches offer day-care, pre-school, and even K-12 schooling on the same grounds.

I have seen a number of these playgrounds get accepted time and again, despite the fact that these really should be rejected until the K-12 location criteria.

When you find one of these submissions in wayfarer, please take the time to lookup that particular church to see if they offer daycare, preschool, or other schooling. You can typically click on the 2nd map to find a link to the google maps listing of that church, from there you might find a website for that church. If that church offers day-care, preschool, or other schooling options, then in my view it's far more likely that the playground is part of a school and not just an accommodation of the church which in turn means it should be rejected under the Location -> K-12 option.


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