Strange accepted poi in The Netherlands

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Hello !

I was wondering if a admin or someone who can look into nominations can contact me about this issue.

I noticed on different forums (reddit / discord) that since the Spain challenge there are odd nominations being accepted in the Netherlands which would in general be rejected in the past because they are generic.

I already contacted the wayfarer support about this but they didn't see any strange going on with these nominations.

Strange portal 1 :


Located on someone's private property picture is a black photo, nothing else.

Location of this portal :,5.05857&z=17&pll=52.096004,5.05857

Strange portal 2 :

Big tall three

Found this one on reddit the person who found this portal was confused why this was accepted

Location to this portal :,5.475388&z=15&pll=51.425933,5.475388

Strange portal 3 :

Generic street sign. Nothing special about this street sign and every street has a similar street sign in that neighborhood.

Location to this portal :,5.185241&z=15&pll=52.020142,5.185241

Strange portal 4 :

Groen in de wijk

Location of this portal :, 5.0797950&z=15&pll=52.1153510, 5.0797950

But I also noticed that two of the three current spotlight nominations are generic items.

These post boxes are placed all over the Netherlands and not "special"

I was wondering if more people noticed that there are strange nominations currently being accepted which would be rejected before the Spain challenge.



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