Pokestop Replaced by Wrong Location Pokestop

Title pokestop:

Stoeptegel Mozaiek: Zwarte Kat

Correct coordinates Zwarte Kat:


Title pokestop that got replaced:

Stoeptegel Mozaiek: Universum

Correct coordinates Universum:


City, country:

Ede, Netherlands

Additional info:

Two nominations were accepted and the location was marked correctly for both. However, one pokestop dissapeared (Stoeptegel Mozaiek: Universum) and got somehow replaced by the second (Stoeptegel Mozaiek: Zwarte Kat) nomination. The (Zwarte Kat) pokestop is now on the wrong location. And Im not sure why or how the accepted Universum pokestop is gone. I cannot edit the location of the Zwarte Kat ingame due to the distance limit.

Can the location of the Zwarte Kat be corrected? Can the Universum be placed back or do I need to re-nominate?

If better pictures are needed then I can make them. But hopefully the colorful blue, pink pillar is a good indicator between Google maps and my pictures to pinpoint the locations. Pictures were taken same day time, so the parked cars are also a possible indicator.



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