Ungültige Wayspot wieder herhestellt

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Bei diesem Wayspot handelt es sich nicht um eine offizielle Infotafel, sondern um eine selbst gebastelte Wayspot Atrappe vom Ersteller um sich selbst daraus einen Standortvorteil in direktem Wohnumfeld zu verschaffen. In meinen Augen sind solche Wayspot Attrappen reiner Missbrauch und nicht förderlich für eine gesunde Community.

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    🤣 lol - for me it looks as a legit and proper informational sign. The provided info is legit, the format is legit, the placing is legit.

    Are members of ie NABU etcpp anymore allowed to set up information signs, is anything not placed by the state itself not legit anymore? Just be careful with historical buildings as well as those as well might have been set up by privateers or arts installations by mecenes..

    So under the line i esp see this as a hubris comment out of a limited mindset lets say. It wont help anyone nor will it be feasable to install a mind police requesting the intention of who placed what where when it leads to something of - especially in common sense means - general worth

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    btw as i investigated the story now a bit deeper, who stole that one and replaced it a week later? Thats another stale detail of lets say mindsets which may need real worlds doctors help to not lead into severe legal conflicts by loosing a real life measure, caused by an addicted loss of a proper and sound event horizon one may perform stale actions - just saying..

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    Wayspot looks legit though, why should this not be not allowed?

    Based on the give explanation rather looks like malicious/toxic intend to change the game board to personal liking ("Please remove that waypoint because someone can reach it from his couch"-Mentality)

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    PS ..and just to clarify the funfact, that portal is by far not in reach of any couch.

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    This is one of those threads that make Niantic's developers question their decision to create Ingress in the first place.

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    I agree with the accessible part - a wayspot should have a safe way to access it as a pedestrian.

    I must admit I haven't checked the satellite view within my first answer, but the explanation of OP has not mentioned it being not accessible, therefore i assumed it's not a thing in this case. That's why also assumed a kinda Couch Portal Situation.

    I'm not quite sure if I agree with the part of not being permanent enough. I think it's hard to exactly guess how sustainable it is just by the looks of it and while reviewing I might also have given it the benefit of the doubt.

    Talking generally I see nothing wrong in motivating the local community to create wayspot worthy things like nature information signs, art or whatever you can think of - even if the thought behind it is that it will also be represented as wayspot.

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    The funny thing about this discussion is that if I had submitted this to myself, the ENL would be up in arms and demand that my account be banned immediately.

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    Wie sich hier gerade heraus Kristallisiert, steht der Kulturelle Wert dieser Lehrtafel völlig im Hintergrund.

    Wie kommt man auf den Gedanken einen Wegepunkt zu erstellen, diesen ins Spiel einzubinden, um die Reaktionen anderer Agenten abzuwarten und dieses sogar mit Finanziellen Aufwand in die Tat umzusetzen?

    Das übersteigt wirklich meinen kühnsten Phantasien und macht mich gerade nahezu sprachlos.

    Mit der Aussage von Gammelfleisch, "zweigesichtigen Möchtegern-Stasi-Agenten" fühle ich mich persönlich auch angegriffen. Letztendlich habe ich dieses Thema geöffnet, um die Kriterien eines selbst erbauten Wegepunkts sachlich zu hinterfragen und nicht mich oder andere Agenten beleidigen zu lassen.

    Bitte überprüfen Sie die Würdigkeit dieses Agenten, weiterhin dem System beizutreten zu dürfen.

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    It might have something to do with the toxicity, that a certain number of players in that region bring to the Ingress community. Since you all know what I am talking about, I will not elaborate.

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    After all that shouldn't matter since the wayfarer is independent from whatever games use that database. The toxicity which comes from the games should not have a place in wayfarer discussions.

    For some reason my previous comment disappeared (?), but I agree with @Macerick82-ING. If you have to access (private) Farmland it's not a wayspot that should be in the database as it does not meet the requirements for a waypoint.

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    Lets just laugh a bit more.... 😂

    Guys, its hilarious how 'smart' you are..

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    In general it might be as well necessary to merge this thread with its belonging one here:

    As far as most within these pretty game centered views, meanings, false implications or even intentionally placed misinformations one can read as a comic already we should not completely dismiss the major real world aspects here.

    It is simply illegal to tamper with other peoples goods. It is illegal to damage, to dig out and especially to steal them.

    People who feel they must act in illegal ways, basically no matter why, need a doctors help.

    Furthermore when those even can not understand later what they did wrong but even feel they have to publically proove a fraud because of a whatever reason need medical help.

    Even worse this becomes when their aligned own community is unable to help them but just ignores the issue or even better argues in a way to justify illegal actions.

    Guys, seek a doctors help - this is so unbelievable sick what you present to the public that any normal could ever believe this happens.

    The stalest part and cream topping for me here is the peculiar funfact that a very close agent of those commenting here is an active in duty police officer whomy at least professional duty should have been to act and at least advise those needing medical help to stop and not esp publish illegal actions as well as advising the others to act moderating and not pushing those mentioned even forward in wording..

    Really make your minds guys this really is an unbelievable case esp for normals which live around us forming a so called real life environment

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    Besagtes Gebiet im OpenStreetMap Base Layer.

    Hier deutlich abseits der in Osm hinterlegten Stichwege.

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    Ever been there? Well, I know the path. So this is a false claim that is being made.

    Furthermore, you regularly use a self-made board. This board also stands in the middle of a new development area where there are no bees.

    Your efforts are only in the interest because an ENL player has his home zone there.

    Otherwise, it should also be in your interest to remove the board Bienenweidenplanzen.

    At the same time you support the vandalism that the agent Skaldor has documented in a photo series. Just like the motto: I don't like the portal, so I'll break it.

    That is always the double standard in your group.

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    Liebe Kollegen, ich hatte dieses Thema hier geöffnet um zu hinterfragen ob eine Infotafel am Besenstiel als Poi den Regeln und Kriterien erfüllt?

    Fazit: Eine Infotafel am Besenstiel scheint legetim zu sein, solange nicht auf privat Grund und ohne Umwelt bzw. sich selbst oder andere zu gefährden erreichbar. Unter "andere" versteht sich natürlich auch Tiere und Pflanzen die nicht gestört oder zerstört werden dürfen.

    Kann mir gut vorstellen, daß ein Schild am Stiel zu eine Art Mode werden könnte... Bitte für mehrere Jahre haltbar und in unmittelbarer Nähe eines befestigten öffentlichen Weges und nicht bei irgendwelchen Trampelpfaden die durch Wiesen, Wälder und Hecken führen. So viel Respekt gegenüber der Natur sollten wir in dieser Community haben und auch beweisen.

    Glaube wir konnten hier die Bewertungskriterien zum tierischen Heckenbewohner mal gut hinterfragen und auch zu einen Abschluss kommen.

    Bedanke mich für die rege Beteiligung und wünsche allen viel Spaß am Spiel.

    Liebe Grüße Thomas und Fair Play.

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