Location Edit Appeal for Camara Municipal Avuntamiento

I would like to appeal to change the location of the following waypoint:

Title of the Waypoint: Camara Municipal Abundamiento

Incorrect coordinates: 32.688455, -16.792654

Real coordinates: 32,6881042, -16,7921010

Country/City: Portugal, Madeira Island, Santa Cruz City

Reason: This is the Municipal building of Santa Cruz, and the current location it is marked as is actually in a road behind the church, above the correct road.

I will leave here a printscreen of Google Maps where I have marked roughly the location of the incorrect location in blue and the correct one in red. The mistake can be seen through streetview too, in case of any further doubt.

I hope I have submitted all the necessary information, if anything else is necessary I will do my best to provide it.




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