Pokemon Go Gyms at newly accepted POI

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I just want to confirm from you that are there any changes of getting a Pokemon Go Gym?

I know that OLDER pokestop at a level 17 S2 cell turned into a gym when another pokestop added to another level 17 S2 cell inside same level 14 S2 cell.

But recently during Global Review Challenge, NEWLY accepted POIs are turning into gyms in my locality. Older one remains as pokestop. I have seen two such scenarios yesterday.

Do you know anything related to this?

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    You have been told that your question is not Wayfarer related. However if you still need answer, there are unknown factors to turn a Pokestop into a Gym whenever the requirement is met, but being the oldest Pokestop isn't one of the factor.

    You'll get better answer if you ask this into r/PokemonGO or r/TheSilphRoad instead.

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