Incorrectly named building+description

Title of the Wayspot: Puulinnanmaan kylätalo

Location: 65.054396,25.468096

City: Oulu

Country: Finland

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

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Additional information:

This wayspot is incorrectly named as "village hall". Correct name for this building would be Oulu Cosmic Ray Station. The description is filled with a bunch of irrelevant information about the Puulinnanmaa area.

Correct description: Oulun yliopiston Sodankylän observatorion ylläpitämä kosmisen säteilyn mittausasema. Mittaukset on aloitettu Oulussa vuonna 1964.

Map from 1980 that shows the building,474961&z=0.5&title=Puulinnankatu%202

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