Title and description edit appeal - Karta starego Miasta (kaszb. Kôrta Stôri Grudu)

Title of the Wayspot: Karta starego Miasta (kaszb. Kôrta Stôri Grudu)

Location: 54.35196,18.65073

City: Gdańsk

Country: Poland

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

Photos to support your claim:

Additional information: Screenshot above is from below page which is an educational platform about public art objects in Gdańsk, Poland

Dekoracja fasady Szeroka 125/126 - GAPS Gdańsk

and the same page in English Façade decoration at 125/126 Szeroka St. - GAPS Gdańsk

It explains what artist's idea for the mural was and it's "Przedwojenny plan Gdańska" (highlighted on the picture) which should be used as a wayspot name. Current name "Karta starego Miasta" doesn't make any sense, it translates as "Card of an old town". The second part of current name (kaszb. Kôrta Stôri Grudu) also doesn't make any sense, as it is supposed to be Kashubian translation of Polish name, which is totally useless to players as well as incorrect as it's a translation of Polish name which as it's possible to check on the page above is also incorrect

Please also set the description of the wayspot as my change suggestion was also rejected by "community"

Rejected description was:

Dekoracja fasady budynku Szeroka 125/126 wykonana w 2015 roku techniką sgraffito przez Jana Kołodzieja w ramach projektu Gdańskie Fasady OdNowa

I have based it on the webpage mentioned above. It is clearly much better than current nonexistant description.



  • NianticLCNianticLC Posts: 3,474 admin

    Hi! Based on our research, the Wayspot does not meet our requirements for title and description modification at this time. Thanks!

  • KotOtaki-PGOKotOtaki-PGO Posts: 83 ✭✭✭

    Hello @NianticLC

    Apparently the wayspot was moved to different coordinates since I made my name edit request.

    Here is its location at the time when my change request was submitted:

    And this is a screenshot of the wayspot in question taken today, 2 hours ago:

    As it was moved it has different coordinates than metioned in my original post but it clearly doesn't have any description and the name is still incorrect.

    Can you please reconsider your research?

  • Godocz-PGOGodocz-PGO Posts: 162 ✭✭

    @NianticLC Defending Kashubian names on wayspots in Gdańsk: Protecting Kashubian culture and respecting the local community


    In recent years, the discussion of Kashubian names at wayspots in Gdansk has become a hotly debated topic. Some believe that the existing names should be changed, arguing that the need for harmony and uniformity. Nevertheless, there are also those who defend these names, claiming that their preservation is an act of respect for Kashubian culture and the local Pomeranian community. In this dissertation, I will present arguments for maintaining Kashubian names on waypots as an expression of respect for Kashubian tradition and heritage, and as an act of cultural tolerance against all forms of discrimination.


    Firstly, Kashubian culture has a long and rich history in the Pomerania region. Kashubians have inhabited these areas for centuries and have contributed to shaping the identity of the region. Preserving Kashubian names on wayspots is therefore important for maintaining the memory of the region's history and heritage. Kashubian names are part of the identity of the local community, and their removal could lead to the blurring of the unique character of the region and violation of Kashubian cultural rights.

    Secondly, changing Kashubian names on wayspots may be perceived as an act of cultural intolerance. The attempt to impose one linguistic dominance may seem monotonous and restrictive to ethnic minorities. Respecting linguistic and cultural diversity is important for the preservation of human rights and equality. Therefore, by respecting Kashubian names, we express respect for Kashubians as an ethnic group and we become defenders of their right to preserve their culture.

    Thirdly, Kashubian culture is an important element of Poland's national heritage. Maintaining Kashubian names on wayspots is in line with the policy of multiculturalism and diversity, which is deeply rooted in Polish society. There should be no attempts to manipulate and remove elements of the Kashubian heritage from the public space, because this is contrary to the pursuit of equality and

  • Robert4444-INGRobert4444-ING Posts: 812 ✭✭✭✭

    What nonsense. Intolerance is precisely changing all the official Polish names of objects by force and "making other players happy" with it. Those responsible for these destructive name changes should get a ban on Wayfarer and all games in which the wayspots base is used.

  • NianticLCNianticLC Posts: 3,474 admin

    Based on our research, the Wayspot does not meet our requirements for title and description modification at this time. Thanks!

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