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Nomination Stuck In Voting

StarbeckSpartan-PGOStarbeckSpartan-PGO Posts: 12 ✭✭✭

I tried bringing this up in the thread about upgrades not working, but it seems my comment was overlooked, so I'll try here instead.

As my post says, I submitted a picnic area as a wayspot on September 28th 2022. It entered voting in early October 2022 and has been stuck 'In Voting' since then. Nominations in this area usually take around a few weeks or so to reach a decision without an upgrade, so to have one in voting for nearly 9 months is very unusual. The other nomination I submitted on that day was reviewed normally and reached a decision in the expected amount of time.

After the recent issue with upgrades was resolved, I attempted to use an upgrade to see if this would unstick my nomination, but after nearly 2 weeks I can see it has obviously had no effect and that something else must be going on with my nomination.

If possible, can someone look into this and both get my nomination unstuck and refund my upgrade, given that the upgrade has had no effect? I can provide more details by DM if needed, but if you have access to my wayfarer profile, you should be able to see it's the only nomination I've submitted containing the word 'picnic'.

I've been told I should tag @NianticAaron

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