Unclear evaluation criteria

Hello everyone! This applies to the German version.

If you reject a wayspot, you can select the criteria "Location is inappropriate (Ort ist unangemessen)" and "Inappropriate location (Unangemesserner Ort)" under "Location (Ort)". The problem is that this means exactly the same thing in german. But there is a big difference between the two criteria when you look at the exact description. 

As a criterion for rejection, "location is inappropriate (Ort ist unangemessen)" means that the place is offensive. So this would be a correct description.

"Inappropriate location (Unangemesserner Ort)" is a criterion for refusal that says that the place is unsuitable for playing. 

So I would like to see "inappropriate place (Unangemesserner Ort)" changed to, for example, "Ungeeigneter Ort" what means "unsuitable place". This would prevent confusion about the reason for refusal.

Thanks 😀


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