Someone wrongfully changed the title and I can't change it back...

We have had a local gym for the past 7 years. The gym is a huge statue about the life in a suburb. It is called "Slaper" (sleeper in English). It is part of a set of two statues placed on both sides of the suburb. One being called the Slaper and the other the Waker (the awakened). I has always been called the Slaper which is also the name that the plaque on the statue has. Recently someone changed it to the Zwijger which holds some ground since the description of the statue is the Slaper-Dromer-Zwijger (Sleeper-Dreamer-Tanciturn) as opposed to the other having the description of Waker-Werker-Prater (Awakened-Worker-Talker) but the names of the couple are Slaper and Waker. I have tried to edit the title back to Slaper numerous times but each time it has been turned down. The new name also causes a lot of confusing in the community since no-one has ever heard of this name for the statue. I can't submitted a photo of the plaque since it has the names of the artists on them and submitting a link to send proof also isn't possible.

What else can I do?

Please help,



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