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Return of Upgrade Issues

thenamelesskath-PGOthenamelesskath-PGO Posts: 277 ✭✭✭

I'm aware that there was a known issue and it was resolved last month, but myself and others I've spoken to are having our upgraded nominations sit in queue indefinitely, while submissions made on the same day are going into voting and being resolved.

For context:

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    This is expected behavior, a nomination has a "grace period" after nominating before it will enter voting. This can range from 1-7 days and is unaffected by an upgrade. Personally, it depends on where I nominate, out in a rural area it can take 1 day, but in the city it takes 3-4 days. I have a nomination in queue with an upgrade sitting at 3 days currently, it should go into voting in the next few days.

    Also, if you use "upload later," the time that is used for the "grace period" timer is the time that the nomination was created in game, not when you press upload.

  • thenamelesskath-PGOthenamelesskath-PGO Posts: 277 ✭✭✭

    Well that's really weird and counterintuitive 🤨 Thanks for the info.

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