Title edit appeal

Fiesta Bowling

(34.6371439, -93.0604924)

Hot Springs Village

United States of America

This is the confusion and the rejection that I expected. Liberty Lanes purchased Fiesta Bowling Center. After bowling there once, I decided to suggest a title edit for the sign on the front of the building (still the old name) to be Liberty Lanes.

I appear to have caused Fiesta Bowling to be removed from (Apple) Maps but not Google Maps. Having the sign with the old name makes that difficult since I live 2 counties from there.

Since I assume the sign will be replaced and the name did change, I ask that Liberty Lanes be accepted as the title in this appeal. Please notice that the 2 bowling alleys from Google Maps have the same address. That is because only 1 bowling alley exists there. The other is the old name. I am aware that the sign with a different name than the sign is likely why my edit was rejected.

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