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What qualifies as a Travel Guide?

Recent clarifications on restaurants, bars, pubs, businesses and theaters have included the phrase "that have been featured prominently in travel guides" in designating those that are eligible versus those that are generic. This is not the only criterion in determining eligibility, but if travel guides should be consulted, what qualifies as a travel guide?

I just reviewed a nomination for an Italian restaurant that included this statement in the supporting information: "Quaint, Italian restaurant noted on Trip Advisor if you search for top 10 places to eat in town, acceptable if noted in travel guides." TripAdvisor usually lists every restaurant in town, so I don't know that it is a great reference for a travel guide, but maybe I am overthinking things. As I look for things to nominate, I might use TripAdvisor or something similar as a starting point, but I am more likely to post information about reviews, awards and chamber of commerce type listings as being more authoritative than TripAdvisor.

(this post is not meant to slight tripAdvisor, it is a fine resource, but I just don't know if it is a good travel guide for Wayfarer)

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    Here I am answering my own question. Here's what I get.

    TripAdvisor itself has a subcategory on its website for travel guides. These commissioned articles are acceptable in my book as being prominently featured in a travel guide.

    A TripAdvisor top 10 listing (the page that is most easily accessible for an area) is more or less a crowdsourced phone book entry. Yes it has some user reviews, but it is nothing authoritative.

    There are some useful guides like those at World Travel Guide and AARP. Others like Forbes and Michelin may be helpful, but they may also be a bit too limited.

    I would like Niantic to give some guidance on what they were looking for on travel guides when they added the statement to their guidance. This would be more useful than a self-appointed Niantic interpreter telling us to accept just about anything as a travel guide.



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