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While rating Wayfarer, I stumbled across an abusive submission where the submitter appears to be attempting to compensate for their low self-esteem. This is done by entering his username in the description. Please remove his username from subsequent submissions and reject any pending submissions that violate the rules. Thanks.



Title: Räüber Roepke in Raben Steinfeld

Location: 53.59053,11.49656

Additional information: The Title has also a spelling mistake! Correct it should be "Räuber Röpke in Raben Steinfeld"


Title: Offener Bücherschrank Langen Bruetz

Location: 53.661761,11.544189

Additional information: The Title has also a spelling mistake. Correct it should be "Offener Bücherschrank Langen Brütz"


Title: Bolzplatz in Schimm

Location: 53.823681,11.569253


Title: Sagen der Umgebung Langen Brütz

Location: 53.655519,11.531184


Title: Infotafel Umgebung Langen Brütz

Location: 53.657989,11.547687


Title: Geologisches Museum Raben Steinfeld

Location: 53.592646,11.498983


Title: Graffiti Butzemann-Haus

Location: 53.788183,12.185807


Title: Insektenhotel Langen Brütz

Location: 53.658714,11.549737

Additional information: Looks a little bit temporary, is that really eligible? I'm sure i can buy the same one cheap at my local hardwarestore xD

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