Wouldn't this be great?

Hello everyone!

I'm 99% certain Niantic won't read this but anyway...

Currently, reviewers have to look at the nomination and find reasons, why this wayspot meets the nomination criteria. This takes time and to be honest... It's not the task of the reviewers.

I would find it great if there would be a question when you write your additional text while submitting. This question would ask the submitter for the acceptance criteria that their wayspot meets. And then they have to select at least one of the three.

As a reviewer you would see this answer and could easily decide if it is true or not.... it would make each review a little easier and less time consuming.

What do you think about this and do you have other suggestions that would make reviewing (and submitting) easier / better?

(Random addition: Would be nice if "Live Animal, Person, Body Part" would be made to one criteria "Living Being". And "Other Rejection Criteria" would be renamed to "Acceptance criteria not met" to make it clearer to submitters why their nomination got rejected.)


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