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Falsely Failing Test

I have taken the test multiple times and it keeps saying that I failed. I have read the training multiple times and am confident in my answers. Some of the answers don’t match the question though.

Some of the questions will show a scenario not suitable for a waystop, but the answers provided don’t match why it should be denied. One question was about a set of trees in a parking lot and the only reason for denial was because of no safe public access.

Another question had a tall granite rock in the first picture and a picture of inside a museum as the map location. It should be denied because it was not the same place as pictured, but the only answers for denial was that it wasn’t of historical significance.

Like mentioned above, I’m sure of my abilities to determine the eligibility of waypoints. I’m not sure that the test is accurate or there is a bug with the current tests. Any help would be appreciated!

Thank you!

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