Forced in-game codename display for Ingress-submitters

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We agree this was recently rephrased, right?

I am positive it used to say 'in Wayfarer and Niantic games' but I'm not sure I got a screenshot of that (didn't see this coming unfortunately).

But this quite serious. This means Ingress-based Wayfarer users will always have to be "exposed" on the portals they submitted, when those pop up in Ingress?

Really? Why do only PoGo players get to have that privacy option?

Accepted Wayspots displaying your codename can be a fun chance to 'show off' your Wayfarer finds/achievements. But they can also give away your location quite a lot. Not everyone wants that, for whatever reasons - some quite serious - and this needs to be understood and respected.

Do I just stop submitting then? Is that my only choice, when I don't want my name plastered over a certain area? Wow. Please change this (back?) ASAP, Niantic. Then we'll pretend it never happened...

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