new name suggestion and removal of incorrect images

waypoint : Tasangontien leikkipuisto

New name for the waypoint : Koskelanpuiston Huvimaja

New description: Koskelanpuisto Gazebo

Location : 64.071805,24.566814

message : The park has been renovated and some of the equipment has been taken away. here is a new name for the waypoint "Koskelanpuiston Huvimaja" and a new description "Koskelanpuisto Gazebo". also the removal of images that are no longer in the park.

removal request from research images

thanks again for the help



  • NianticRNNianticRN Posts: 1,470 mod

    Thanks for the appeal, @VenySaurus-PGO. Due to insufficient evidence, we are unable to make any changes to the Wayspot. If you have additional evidence to share like geotagged image/photosphere/article, please submit a new appeal with additional information and we’ll take another look.

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