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Wayspot approved/ Never appeared in game

I had a wayspot approved back in January (according to email and contribution management page), but it never showed up on the game map. I tried nominating it again yesterday and now it was declined as a "duplicate." There must be a bug or error as the wayspot doesn't exist in the game. Can someone please investigate? I will attach screenshots but the location is Tenmii Japanese Eatery in Macon, GA, USA.

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  • HankWolfman-PGOHankWolfman-PGO Posts: 4,304 ✭✭✭✭✭

    There is no bug here. Everything is working as intended. First off, read this post:

    When you make a nomination, the wording in game is a bit misleading. You're not nominating a Pokéstop, but rather you're nominating a wayspot for Niantic's database that may then get added to games if it passes the proximity rule check for those games.

    So your nomination is in the database, as can be seen here:

    However due to the proximity rules that Pokémon Go uses, it is unable to be added to Pokémon Go.

    Pokémon Go uses a proximity system where it checks level 17 S2 cells. If there's already a Pokéstop or a Gym in a specific level 17 S2 cell, then any new wayspots added in that cell aren't able to be added to Pokémon Go. There is a guide to how S2 cells are used in Pokémon Go on the Pokémon Go Hub website, you're welcome to look it up for more information.

    In this case, your cat is in the same cell as Gregg Allman, and that's why it isn't able to appear.

    It is also unable to appear in Ingress. Ingress has a different proximity rule, which is meant to be that a new wayspot can only go live in Ingress if it isn't within 20 metres of an existing Portal (though this rule is slightly broken at the moment). The cat is within 20 metres of Little Richard & Otis Reading, so that's why it can't appear in Ingress.

    It may get used in other Niantic games or products in the future, and if the Gregg Allman Mural ever gets removed, then your cat will take its place in Pokémon Go.

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