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I keep getting suggestions for places that I am nowhere near to review through the wayfarer website

bug when it comes to getting reviews I keep getting sent reviews that are very very very far away from me I don't seem to get any local reviews at all those are the ones I'm going to know the information about in order to review instead I get weird reviews like way out in Washington or in Vegas when I'm in Northern Michigan and I've always been in Northern Michigan and my location was set in Northern Michigan I think I've seen one review that's even close to me but it was way out of town in a nearby town Plus when I manually try to make a review through the pokémon app about a site that is right next to me it doesn't let me move the pin far enough to put it in the proper place because whoever made the suggestion for it didn't put it in a place that made any sense I'd like to nudge the pin to something that makes more sense example the pin is set to a road in the middle of my apartment complex when it has a picture of the sign of the apartment complex which is way down the hill from the location actually posted which makes no sense but even if I wanted to nudge it to somewhere where it did make sense like the main office of the apartment complex with multiple buildings in this apartment complex and multiple roads all going around each other I can't move the pin far enough to get it to a place where it really just makes sense but that's separate issue from being suggested on which reviews I should review though I keep getting suggestions for places that I am nowhere near to review through the wayfarer website

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