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Agreements not updated


Hello. Inquire about the wayfarer medal.

State Wayfarer has 1537 candidates that have been reviewed, and the breakdown of agreements is 357 approved candidates, 252 rejected candidates, 2 available upgrades, and 5 applied upgrades. Pokemon Go device is iPhone14, OS is 1 iOS 16.5.1 (20F75). I will also attach proof photos. The trainer name of Pokemon Go is "KEYCO7". I request improvement

Sorry to bother you while you are busy, but please respond.

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  • NianticAaronNianticAaron Posts: 829 admin

    Hey @KEYCO7-PGO,

    Please allow me to explain how agreements work and their impact on medals in Pokémon GO.

    The agreements section of your Wayfarer profile displays all of your agreements on player nominated Wayspots, even those made when you are not in good or great standing. Only nomination agreements made while in good or great standing will contribute to your progress towards the medal, which could contribute to a possible display difference between your medal progress and Wayfarer profile.


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