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Imperial Dragon Bento

34.754371, -92.340572

Little Rock

United States of America

I could not obtain the actual lat/long just west of what was provided because Pei Wei Asian Kitchen prevented me from being able to get the exact location. If this was at any other type of restaurant, I would have still reported. I have no ill will towards any type of food.

I attempted to report this another time. This was rejected then. I was told to take photos to prove that this no longer exists in the Japanese/Chinese restaurant. I did and uploaded these to Google Maps except as HEIC files there. I spoke with the owner of the restaurant then and he said this used to be there but has not been there for about 4 years. Japanese/Chinese is not my favorite type of food. However, I have no issue with anything that is actually there and eligible. Since this is not, I ask this be retired. I will lose resonators if or when this is retired. That is not desired but is okay if actually removed from the games.

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