I reviewed my first 100, and then what?

So, after 100 reviews I was approx 38 % en route to an upgrade. This number is still growing as I guess I am rewarded as being part of concluded nominations, and I am now at 52 % without any further contributions on my side. Currently I am part of 28 accepted nominations, and 10 rejected nominations. A 3:1 acceptance ratio, which I guess is a bit more generous than others I have seen. I also am agreeing on 1 duplicate nomination. I also dropped from Good to Fair in Wayfarer rating, which may be due to deviance from other peoples ratings, or my lack of interaction with the map. (I browse the Wayspot locations in a separate window, and also look up locations in highly detailed Land Registry maps for far better assessments.) Now, are 100 reviews enough for an upgrade? Can I sit and wait for more agreements to tick in? How did it work for you?



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