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Pokemon Go Route Error: Wrong Distance/Time, and Under Review 5+ days

Whooplaah-PGOWhooplaah-PGO Posts: 1
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I live in a small-ish town and was invited to upload Routes in Pokemon Go. I recorded and submitted 4 over 2 days. The recordings had a lot of hiccups with the game crashing and the route having to be resumed, but I did get them finished.

Currently, all 4 routes are listed as Under Review for 5+ days. They are all listed as 22 min and 1,100m. I know that the distance/time are incorrect, so I suspect that something unusual happened when they were submitted that might also explain why they haven't been reviewed. I've read online that other players are seeing this time/distance displayed for their routes too, so it may be a wider issue. I am also unable to see a route preview, "Route preview map currently unavailable." I'm not sure if that is related.

I don't see the routes in my Wayfarer account. Is that also a bug? I noticed that I mistyped the title of one of my routes and I'm not sure how to fix it...

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  • Elijustrying-INGElijustrying-ING Posts: 4,800 Ambassador

    Wayfarer has been hosting a discussion thread about route creation- it’s in General discussion area. Do post there for peer support.

    Wayfarer team themselves are not able to answer questions about Routes and problems around that.

    it is taking time for newly created routes to be reviewed so don’t worry it will be looked at and hopefully approved.

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