How many wayspot appeals can I make at a time?

This is a general question so I haven't attached screenshots. I just want to know if you can submit more than one appeal at a time.

I recently published 2 new wayspots for assessment on a new bike path at crucial points on the bike path and both were rejected.

It seems rather zealous by some user as they were perfectly good waypoints in a new build bike path/walk way which has very few pokestops. Now the photos of the bikepath via maps seems about 3-4 years old so they are of when it was first constructed, so I'm guessing it may be related to that. The bike path has been there for some time now and is getting good use.

I attempted to appeal both but it only allowed one appeal. Is this the limit for appeals?

The rejection criterea was quite weak - one saying other rejection criterea.

Looking forward to some positive feedback.



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