Appeal rejected report

Swim to the Sea

34.790423, -92.401884

Little Rock

United States of America

I reported this on July 25, 2023. I knew to take photos. In Little Rock, some of the storm drains are painted since the water goes directly to the creeks.

If a plain manhole is approved as part of the Drains Smart - Little Rock, Arkansas, that is abuse by the person that nominated and the people that accepted the nomination. is the website that shows all the artwork associated with the project. This is not included. I ask this be removed from the games. I do not care if I lose resonators.



  • AlexMTG-PGOAlexMTG-PGO Posts: 276 ✭✭✭

    Which of the removal reasons do you think your request fits?:

    No Pedestrian Access

    Obstructs Emergency Services

    Private Residential Property

    School (K-12)

    Permanently Removed

    Duplicate POI

  • Andrew0095-INGAndrew0095-ING Posts: 202 ✭✭✭

    Sorry, this is the first chance I had to respond @AlexMTG-PGO. This has pedestrian access and is likely on public property. The closest that I can think is this is very near Christ the King Catholic School (part of Christ the King Catholic Church) on North Rodney Parham except accessible from Woodland Heights Road from the north. This is only close to and not part of the school.

    No great choice exists from the selectable options. I am aware of that. This is simply ineligible in my opinion. I believe this should have been rejected when reviewed. This is the only method that I know of to attempt to cause this to be removed from the games. If this was more than a manhole cover, I would not have reported. That assumes the location is eligible.

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