Newly Developed Community with Outdated Satellite Imagery

I'm at a lose of what to do here... I recently moved into a community that has relatively recently been developed. As in, this entire community didn't exist 2-3 years ago. As such, Google's satellite imagery is out of date and shows much of the pre-developed area. Almost EVERY. SINGLE. Pokestop nomination I make is rejected for "Mismatched Location Other Rejection Criteria". Most recently was the community pool. I get that the satellite imagery that Niantic is using doesn't show what I'm taking a picture of, but it could be years until the imagery is updated. Until that happens, people reviewing my nominations simply refuse to believe that the places I take pictures of exist.

Of course, I'm in a rural-ish area and Pokestops are few and far between. I would think a community pool of all places, where people will naturally gather, would be a sure-fire accepted nomination, but no.


  • 29andCounting-PGO29andCounting-PGO Posts: 1,879 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Is it possible to get a street sign in the supporting photo? And then point out the street sign in the supporting information.

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    Does your community have a website or social media presence and a map/photos/list of amenities? I don't know if it helps, but, I often provide links with my supporting info and I've seen others do the same.

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    Good ideas above.

    Also, if you wait six months, a satellite will likely come back over. It's happening quicker because technology keeps improving.

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    I agree in most cases, but I wanted to add some information to this: Updating time of map view (satellite view) depends on where do you live. It's true that in some places it's updated fairly often, but some locations don't have any updates for years.

    In my part of Europe Google Satellite View is outdated for many years - in some places street view is more new that satellite view. And it's not only about small villagess and rural areas - the biggest town in my region (almost close to 1 million citizens) have satellite view from at least 4-5 years ago - the buidlinig I'm currently working in is not visible on satellite view, the older bulding next to it is visible as construction site. But the street view of this area is from 2 years ago, and all the buildings are visible on it.

    So it's better to check how other cities near you location looks like on satellite view - if they view is quite new, your area should be updated in a few months, like it was mentioned :)

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    I am with you there all my nominations in a new developed have been rejected. It's becoming very frustrating. I have shown the bike lane with street signs and bench.

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