Confederate Monument Replaced by Lynching Marker

Existing Title: Sons Of The Confederacy Memorial

Existing location: 33.957115, -83.989703

City Lawrenceville GA

Country: United States

This marker has been meaningfully replaced by:

Correct Title: Charles Hale Lynching Marker

Correct Description: Charles Hale's horrific treatment by a Lawrenceville mob, April 7-8, 1911

Wayspot already has the correct picture, as primary since November 2022. Agents already consider it the lynching marker.

Explanation: This ironic transformation is very culturally relevant for the area. These changes are worded tactfully for the circumstances.

Article about the Confederate Memorial coming down February, 2021

Info on the replacement marker:

Marker photo I took on October 16, 2022 (similar pictures are already on the Wayspot)

Streetview from December 2022:

Edits took over 8 months, then rejected:



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