Wayspots in Restricted Area

Hi everyone,

Close to where I work, there's several Wayspots contained in an area in which you can only access with a swipe card due to it being fenced off with patrolled gates (they do some high-tech work there!). It is a institute associated with a University and I think because of this, the Wayspots were accepted without the reviewers thinking that they might not be accessible to the public. The area fenced off is quite large so if the reviewers just looked at the immediate area then they may well have not noticed the problem. The 'nicer' side of me thinks that I should just leave them be as students could be using them, but on the other hand, a lot of other users (including families playing Pokemon Go) can't use most of the Wayspots in the area which gives them a disadvantage. Either way, there's the problem of not being able to access them and therefore to ask for a review. I wondered if anyone has some clarity about whether there's a rule I've missed about Wayspots being allowed areas like this, how (if I decided to) I could request these Wayspots to be removed or moved to somewhere with public access, and finally whether you think I should ask for this?

Thanks a lot,




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