Duplicate Check Map Missing Wayspots Bug

I believe I have discovered a new bug that I have heard mentioned in discussions before. I am reviewing a nomination, and I looked nearby at the Ingress intel map. I noticed that there are portals displayed that are not in the duplicate check map.

Here is the nomination:

Here is the duplicate on the intel map:

Here is the duplicate map in wayfarer, and a comparison map view on the intel map:

As you can clearly see, there are wayspots on the intel map that are not displaying in the duplicate check window. This is a problem for multiple reasons:

  1. Could lead to duplicate wayspots getting approved mistakenly.
  2. Possible disagreement on this nomination/not receiving proper credit on voting to a wayfarer due to a system bug.

To try and troubleshoot this I refreshed the page, but the duplicate map was still missing some wayspots. I mentioned this to a friend of mine, and when looking through their review history, they reviewed it a few hours before me, and were able to successfully mark it as a duplicate, which means it showed up on their duplicate map.

I would love to see this problem addressed before it causes more large scale issues like the ones I mentioned above.

UPDATE: While writing this post, I refreshed the page again, and now the wayspots are displaying correctly, however there is still a bug for them to not show up in the first place.

In addition, the wayspot "Lowell Justice Center" is misplaced off of the building, and would be cool to get fixed, but that is a small concern compared to the bug.



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