Individual soccer fields, baseball diamonds in park area

I am getting a large volume of submissions like this. The submission is a single soccer field of many and has a title and/or description that indicate there are multiples and they are numbered (ie, "Soccer Field 5"). There are usually some existing POI for others in the group (but not all of them). There is usually at least one existing POI nonspecifically for the entire park or cluster (ie, "<PARKNAME> Soccer Fields").

Very few of these individual nominations have a discernible marking or sign actually identifying them as "#5". If they do, it's usually just a small generic number attached somewhere to the goal net. I get the sense that in most cases it's the submitters themselves arbitrarily designating one or the other as "#5" (maybe based on the fact that they see 4 existing POIs, so this to them is #5).

As a general rule, I have been accepting individual nominations like this for single fields out of multiple, on the general principle that each individual soccer field is a separate location where people 'explore / exercise / socialize' so I'm giving them 4 because they meet all.

What's the best practice on these kinds of multiples? (Apologies if this has already been asked and answered)


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    You are correct. Each separate field is eligible. If the field has a sign, they encourage the submitter to use that as the picture, but it is not required. If there are no signs, the submitter is probably numbering the fields themselves so they don’t get marked as duplicate.

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    Generally proximity is a good guide - e.g. two tennis courts immediately next to each other would probably be one submission, but if they're separated by some distance two would be more appropriate. There's no hard and fast rule.

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    The main thing you want to watch out for is where they place the pin. If a PGO player places the pin in the middle of a playing field because that's the only way to get it to show up in game due to cell placement, I would either move the pin or reject it for location. I heartily endorse adding a POI for each soccer or baseball field, but the pins MUST NOT BE ON THE PLAYING FIELD. If it won't fit in the game any other way, oh well - no Pokestop. Looks like it will be Ingress only!

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    @SeaprincessHNB-PGO so true. I have moved many a POI in review for sports fields/pitches/courts to the side. (goal posts etc) And then I place a comment in the additional comments field to explain why

    I am sure some were "strategically" placed to get the POI acceptance.

    But when nominating Cricket field that seems way hard as most community cricket grounds only have the centre "pitch" to nominate...... There are no bowling sights or score boards to nominate. At least softball and baseball have the cages :-)

    So this anomoly I know is an issue for the nominator. As if you put the POI to the side of the cricket outfield it will be rejected as natural feature fake etc etc...

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    Unless its a cricket pitch, they all get rejected for me. We are in a new estate with very few interesting features. The signs to the park are temporary like Reserve 883. On google maps, the images are from 5 plus years ago so look like farm paddocks or dirt patches. Council has no interest in putting in directional trail markers or maps or anything else. Most signage is temp. I will continue to try, but lately 95% of what is local gets rejected.

    As for cricket pitch, I hate nominating in the middle of the field but if I don't it gets rejected, which makes spinning it a problem on game days. Oh sorry, I want to spin a pokestop that is the pitch in the middle of the field wont cut it

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