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Title of the Wayspot: 新南公園

Location: 25.057519,121.603902

City: Taipei

Country: Taiwan

Evidence to support my claims / Additional information:

The title of this wayspot (Xingnan Park) is wrongly named as "新南公園",

It should be "興南公園".

However, I applied for the 2-3 times with the Wayspot APP, and after several months, there was no response

and no any rejection notifications.

The following is proof that its name should be "興南公園":

1. Google marked it as "興南公園":


2. The cover picture of this Wayspot also clearly labels "興南公園" in Chinese characters:

3. Related links of this park all named in "興南公園":


It has wrongly named for almost ten years, thanks for supporting and improving the quality of the game!



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