Historic pokestop nomination not accepted

Hi I entered a nomination for a historic Cobblestone road in Staten island that dates back to the late 1800s there is only 2 left on the island today that haven't been paved over making them extremely rare and a really cool sight to see of Staten island NY's past. This nomination has been rejected twice. My pokestop is set on the sidewalk most certainly not in the middle of the street debunking any concerns of safety. I just don't truly understand why my admission is being rejected especially when I receive gifts from friends in other country with pokestops of absolutely ridiculous caliber. I got one the other day that was legitimately accepted and approved under the title "Broken Iphone" But for whatever reason this piece of history in my local area is unacceptable. I want to understand why that is.



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    If the cobblestone road is an active street, then it does not have safe pedestrian access. Moving the Wayspot over to a sidewalk will not change that because pedestrian access is determined by the location of the object and not where the Wayspot is specifically placed. This is why objects in roundabouts are not considered to have safe pedestrian access even if the Wayspot is located on a nearby sidewalk.

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    Generally infrasture isn't a good nomination.

    How does an oldish road meet the basic criteria - not a great place to exercise, not a great place to socialise - is it really a great place to explore? Besides being old what makes the road special enough for people to hunt it down?

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    Could we see a picture?

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    Fair enough, I appreciate the comments & helping me understand what would better fit the criteria. Didn't get any additional notes as to why it was rejected when it was and these comments make it a lot more understandable when put in that way. I do stand by the broken iphone pokestop being a wild exception lmao hope y'all can agree with me on that one, but be that as it may I do appreciate the input here to better help me understand unacceptable criteria.

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    TheBlackEPH-PGO If you copy and paste your nomination in here we can also have a good look at it and help improve if possible.

    Without seeing it I hear the word road. And at that point you will struggle as people equate a road with traffic and danger,

    So. Do share. Be kinda interesting to research it too. As 29 says do share!

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    Actually, I think this could be eligible. It's all in what you choose as the primary photo and how you describe it.

    Do you mind giving me the names of the 2 streets so I can do some research? I grew up in a city with a famous cobblestone street. Most people don't realize that cobblestones came from ships. They were ballast meant to keep the shops balanced while at sea. I don't know the full story of how they made it off the ships and onto the road as pavers, but they did. These days, you'll only see them in cities that are old and were important ports. It's why Boston, MA reminds me so much of Savannah, GA even though they are so far apart amd have different climates. They both still have some cobblestone streets and have kept their historic port city charm.

    I'm glad to know that Staten Island has a few. It wouldn't have been the main port, but I can definitely see it as a place ships stopped by on their way into NYC port.

    Oh, interesting. According to this link, they are called cobblestone, but they are actually Belgian Brick. I'll still dig into this.


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    Unfortunately, you're submitting a nomination that has history and something to learn associated with it ... they rarely do well. Most of the reviewers don't look beyond the basic criteria and apply zero qualitative assessment.

    Many who were submitting sites which have history or cultural significance associated with them have stopped submitting. The process is entirely arbitrary, favours unthinking submissions and reviews and if you need to explain anything ..forget it.

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    This line of thinking really hurts my brain. He specifically pointed out a sidewalk that runs along the cobblestone road, so how is this not BOTH a good place to exercise (walking) and of historic/cultural significance? Can you not experience/view the road from the safety of the sidewalk? Is a museum only a suitable nomination if you can interact with the displays? Are buildings only suitable nominations if they ONLY allow access to pedestrians? I'm being facetious obviously, but surely we don't have to be able to walk to and interact with the nomination itself? Have I missed that in the criteria?

    I can certainly understand difficultly in placing the waypoint, given that a road is expansive, but the idea that the road itself is the problem seems unfair.

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    Yes plenty the more interesting question is why you can't see those contributions within the comments. Improving nomination quality requires people (that includes you andd me) to be prepared to listen to comments and legitimate frustrations and improve..not just seek to paper over the very obvious and unjustifiable cracks.

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    This isn't the place to complain about faults with the system - maybe it would be an appropriate topic in general discussion, but this is Nomination Improvement, not Wayfarer improvement.

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