3rd Party Photo Appeal

Title of the Wayspot: [Gutshaus Groß-Jehser]

Location: [51.772899,13.87421]

City: [Groß Jehser]

Country: [Germany]

Please remove the image of this wayspot as it is a 3rd party image taken from Wikipedia.

I came across this wayspot while reviewing and even though I would have liked to have accepted this wayspot I had to reject it for the 3rd party images. But I kept the link to see if it would get accepted (as it is an eligible spot after all) to post an photo appeal in this case.

Photos to support your claim:

Intel (https://intel.ingress.com/intel?ll=51.773167,13.875365&z=18&pll=51.772899,13.87421):

Wayfarer (thanks to the wayfarer tools: Wayfarer Tools Index):

Wikipedia (Gutshaus Groß Jehser – Wikipedia):



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