No, this disc golf course is NOT in the middle of a parking lot ....

I have just had a location edit rejected after 10 months in the review system. Honestly, I'd forgotten about it. I believe part of the problem is the fact that location edits in wayfarer are pointless.

Please, for the love of god, can you pass along the feedback that we need to be able to make edits longer than 10 meters if you want your library of locations to be, in any way, accurate. Wayfarers will never be able to make accurate location reviews if you have to inch along any location edits by 10 meters at a time for things like objects having been moved, or, in this case, are just placed in a wildly inaccurate position in order to game the system. Put a limit on pokestops and portals in a certain vicinity if you're worried about edits causing crowding. If you want it to be accurate, please, let us make it accurate!

Honestly, I'd rather this waypoint just be removed from Pokemon Go for not following the rules, than be in such an embarrassingly stupid, inaccurate position.

Title of the Wayspot: Diefenbaker Disc Golf Park

Intel Link:,-106.681312

Location: 52.099893,-106.681312

Location should be: 52.100057, -106.682736 (approximately)

City: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Country: Canada

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

Photos to support your claim:

Additional information: Street View is great, but I'm not sure you can view a pin on street view like you can in Wayfarer...

Thanks for your time and attention. Sorry I rant, but Wayfarer can be a frustration when it's a facepalm sort of situation.


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    What are you ranting? The in-game 10m limit for location edits is intended to prevent location edit abuse. If you need to move Pokestop location for more than 10m then you should request that via Wayfarer support chat. Go to Wayfarer help sectio and wait a moment until an orange button on the bottom right screen appeared.

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